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Brisbane's best wholesale plant nurseries

Brisbane’s best wholesale plant nurseries

Are you a horticulture business looking for Brisbane’s best wholesale plant nurseries? With minimal online presence, it can be hard to distinguish high quality wholesale suppliers without first making costly mistakes. Or knowing someone in the industry.  Well now you do, us! Advance Plants has been servicing the South-East Queensland corner with indoor plant hire and …

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Alocasia Amazonica indoor plant on a coffee table

9 Unique office plants

Looking for unique office plants to liven up your workspace? From the Philo fat boy to the Tractor seat plant, occasionally clients will approach us asking for something “a little bit different” for their interior landscape.  Uncommon, but not high maintenance unique office plants Outside of our regular “go-to” indoor plants for the Queensland climate, …

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Two indoor floor plants next to a window of the pool and outdoor areas at Sheraton Grand Mirage on the Gold Coast.

13 Indoor plants perfect for the Queensland climate

Looking for the best indoor plants for Queensland humidity? Advance Plants plantscape designer, Kelli Forward shares her top 13 indoor plants for corporate clients in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.   Plants thrive in humidity. With many originating from jungle environments, ideal levels of humidity lie between 40-60 per cent for most plants. While tropical …

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Greenglades wholesale nursery

Plant rehab: What happens to your indoor plant removals

Ever wondered what happens to dead or unsightly plants after we have removed them from your site? The answer is plant rehab. Our indoor plant technicians remove and replace plants for a variety of reasons. From disease to vandalism to plants simply outgrowing the pot they’re in and becoming root-bound. If a plant is looking sad and can’t be rehabilitated in its current setting, we will remove and replace it as a standard part …

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Wedding indoor plant hire

Best 15 desk plants (compact and easy to maintain)

Looking for compact, low-light indoor plants to brighten up your desk at work? Look no further. The best desk plants are low-maintenance and sturdy. More specifically they are drought-resistant, low-light, and air-conditioning tolerant. Beyond their ornamental purposes, indoor plants can purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, says NASA. As well as …

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