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Choose from our beautiful selection of indoor plants for hire, and we’ll take care of them for you.

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Plant Design

Our expert team will create a bespoke design that will work perfectly in your Gold Coast office, building or venue for both short term and long term plant hire.

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We will deliver everything to your door and complete the installation at whatever time suits you best.

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We tend to your Indoor Plants – including watering, dusting, fertilising and trimming – so they’re always looking their best.

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Indoor Plant Hire On
The Gold Coast

Plants give off a unique atmosphere and charm that can be hard to replicate through other means. 

Most of us already use them to beautify our outdoor spaces, so why not bring their benefits to our interiors as well?

Transform your commercial space by filling it with lush and attractive Indoor Plants. 

When it comes to indoor plant hire on the Gold Coast, you won’t find a more committed team than our crew at Advance Plants. 

With decades of experience, we can help you create a comfortable and productive environment that everyone wants to be using our indoor plant hire expertise.

Two stylised floor plants in the lobby of Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast.
JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort and Spa newly renovated lobby featuring stylised floor and desk plants.

Beauty and Functionality

Who knew that Indoor Plants could do more than make your place look better? They provide many other benefits that, sadly, are under-appreciated. 

Several studies have shown that having indoor plants can help:

  • Increase productivity
  • Boost creativity
  • Improve mental health
  • Provide cleaner air
  • Attract more customers

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Stress-Free Gold Coast Indoor Plant Hire Process

From design and installation to maintenance, we will do the heavy lifting every step of the way. Our highly experienced plant hire team takes all of your input and personal preferences into account to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.

Budget-Friendly Prices

Our indoor plant hire service in Gold Coast provides beautiful botanical masterpieces that cater to your budget. No surprise bills or added expenses. You pre-approve every move we make on your project. Our customers and the health of their plants are our top priority.

Quality Indoor and Office Plant Options

You can select from our extensive range of Indoor Plants, with options that will thrive in any environment. We only source plants from the best growers to ensure the long-term health of your indoor greenery.

Reinvigorate Your Indoor Spaces and Venues 

If you’re in the market for an indoor plant hire in the Gold Coast area, you can count on us. Our experienced team will design and incorporate the best plants for your interior while meeting your needs and preferences.  Book a consultation or contact us today!

The Indoor Plant Hire Service You Never Knew You Needed

Choose beautiful plants and pots.

Let your space breathe.

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Please note: We do not currently offer short-term or residential hire.

Request Pricing
Please note: We do not offer short-term or residential services.