How much does indoor plant hire cost?

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Finding an accurate answer to the seemingly simple question “how much does indoor plant hire cost” can be frustrating.

By now, many business owners and managers are aware that greening their office, restaurant or shop front with indoor plants is a no-brainer for their staff and customer’s physical and mental wellbeing

Not to mention plants are, of course, beautiful to look at.

But the long and honest answer to how much does indoor plant hire and their ongoing maintenance cost is (really) it depends. On the type of container, the size of the plant, how many you require and so on. 

The short answer is that from only $50/week you can rent pot and plant combinations from companies like Advance Plants with the added value of ongoing maintenance.  

Hang on, only $50 a week? For hire and maintenance? My office fruit box costs more than that! (We know, what a steal).  

No, but what can I really get for $50 a week? Because succulents from Bunnings are like $5 down the road so …  

*horticulturists everywhere inhale sharply*  

What’s included in the cost of indoor plant hire

So glad you asked! Yes, in our $50 a week “Sprout” package, not only will you get:  

  • A bespoke design from our experienced interior landscaping team 
  • Minimum fortnightly ongoing maintenance 
  • Free plant replacements and a 
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee.  

But also top-quality pot and plant combinations from industry leading suppliers in generous combinations such as:  

  • 5 large floor plants, 2 medium desk plant and 5 small desk plants or 
  • 35 small desk plants or 
  • 7 large floor plants.

The plants we install in sites in and around Brisbane are lush and healthy specimens that will enhance and complement your interior décor.  

Maintenance and servicing

To ensure the display always stays fresh and healthy (and that you will never be the culprit of office plant murder ever again) your service will include: 

  • Watering  
  • Cleaning and polishing foliage on plants 
  • Wiping down decorative containers 
  • Monitoring moisture and ph levels 
  • Removing weeds, yellow leaves and any unwanted growth 
  • Pruning and turning plants to maintain size, shape and design intent 
  • Inspecting for signs of disease 
  • Fertilising on a regular basis 
  • Replenishing topdressing when necessary and 
  • Changing plats when they start to deteriorate.  

Moreover, a routine inspection of your installation will be carried out periodically by a supervisor to ensure a professional standard is always maintained. 

Okay … but if it’s so cost effective, why doesn’t everyone do it?  

We know right? Probably because they are yet to read this article. 

Learn more about our indoor plant hire services available in Brisbane, The Gold Coast & The Sunshine Coast

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