Case study: Go1 Brisbane office plant hire 

GO1 Brisbane staff eating area

Are you considering an office plant hire design for your Brisbane business? Join us behind the scenes at Go1 Brisbane’s Underwood office transformation, featuring a stunning staff outdoor café.  

The client: Go1 Brisbane 

Go1 is a Brisbane-based online corporate training marketplace and one of the few startups to reach “unicorn” status with a US$1 billion valuation. The company recently opened a cutting-edge office in Underwood, Logan, showcasing its commitment to regional development. This new location serves as a testament to Go1’s dedication to fostering a strong presence in the local community. 

Go1 equally commits to nurturing a vibrant internal community beyond bricks and mortar. The company places a premium on its people and culture initiatives, implementing programs that prioritise employee growth, well-being, and collaboration. Go1’s Underwood office exemplifies not only the company’s physical expansion but also its holistic approach to building a workplace culture that empowers and inspires its talented team. 

The brief: Vibrant and tropical atmosphere 

In February 2023 Go1 engaged local office plant hire company Advance Plants to create a vibrant and tropical atmosphere for their sum 100 Brisbane-based employees. This included both the indoor office space and the outdoor potted café area. The focus was on incorporating large trees with underplanting indoors, and garden beds with climbing species outdoors, particularly for privacy on a lattice screen.  

The result: Lush outdoor café area

Go1’s Underwood office showcases a meticulously planned and aesthetically pleasing plant design, integrating approximately 315 plants across both indoor and outdoor spaces. The careful selection of plant species aligns with the company’s commitment to creating a vibrant and welcoming work environment. 

In the outdoor café area, we chose a thoughtful combination of Kentia Palm, Ficus Lyrata, Philodendron Xanadu, Golden Heart, Bamboo Palm, and Janet Craig. The strategic substitution of species like Kentia and Lyrata, due to pot size constraints, exemplifies the adaptability of the design.

We selected Golden Heart plants for not only their variegation but also their striking growth habit. Whereas Bamboo Palm and Janet Craig were strategically used to create screening between seating areas, fostering privacy without compromising the visual appeal of the space. 

The outdoor garden beds feature a well-thought-out mix, including Pandorea Jasminoides as a climber for large screens, Cousin It for spillage, and Carissa Desert Star for hedging along the driveway entry. We then chose Dichondra Argentea Silver Falls as a spiller in the entry beds. It complements statement plants like Aloe Hybrida ‘Outback Orange’ and Senecio Vitalis for their unique foliage and structure.

The indoor spaces were adorned with Janet Craigs, Zanzibar Gems, Spath Sensation, Strelitzia Nicolai, Calathea, Golden Hearts, and Pothos. These plants were carefully chosen for their foliage color, growth habit, and suitability for indoor environments. Despite the usual install challenges, the overall feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor plant design at Go1 Brisbane not only contributes to a visually appealing workspace but also reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a healthy and invigorating work environment for its team. 

About Advance Plants   

Advance Plants is the largest, independently owned indoor plant hire company headquartered in South-East Queensland. We currently maintain in excess of 30,000 plants across over 250 locations in the region.   

Established in 1982, our business has been operating for over 40 years. We have offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and employ over 40 people in the region. 

Clients consistently choose us to work with us because:   

  • We provide high-quality service at a competitive price;   
  • We are headquartered locally, and 100% of our team live and work in South-East Queensland. This helps us be highly responsive to our clients’ needs;  
  • We have significant experience working for large corporate and government entities; and  
  • We have a deliberate strategy to be the best corporate citizen we can, including sourcing as much as we can from other local suppliers, supporting local charities, and employing a highly diverse workforce.  

Clients find us in two ways: word-of-mouth and Google, before reaching out to us via phone or email.   

Explore our indoor plant hire service for more information.   

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