What is your indoor plant style?

Natural Bedding Company showroom, pothos

Discovering your indoor plant style is a similar journey to uncovering your interior design preferences. It will probably start with a Google or Instagram search of plant styling that appeals to you or your vision.

Okay Google, what’s my indoor plant style?

When clients contact us to design a greenery solution to suit their space, they often don’t understand that there are an infinite amount of pot and plant combinations.

However, their industry, fit out, and preferences will help our designers select a style that is congruent with their brand.

As our designers are skilled at extrapolating coherent plant styling from a site inspection, it’s not necessary for our clients to know the correct theme descriptors. Yet the discovery of your indoor plant style is both a helpful (and fun!) exercise to complete before first making contact with us. It also speeds up the process and gets us on the same page, in a similar way a Pinterest board will help an interior designer.

To help, we’ve made a list of our top four requested indoor plant styles. Which one are you?

1. Rustic

Mismatched, bohemian, eclectic, worn. The rustic aesthetic has many names and can be best described by its embrace of natural materials, industrial features and cozy elements.

Our client that best incapsulates this vibe is The Natural Bedding Company’s Gold Coast showroom.

The client’s vision was clear, articulating a desire for rustic and mismatched pots with lush ferns, trailing plants and a variety of species.

2. Modern

Sleek, professional, monochrome, minimalist. The modern look has alterable bends to it final aesthetic, but it is by far our most requested office plant design. Characterised by neutrals, it delivers a no fuss indoor plant style that integrates effortlessly into most workspaces.

Our client Crest Advisors on the Gold Coast, as well as GRT Lawyers Brisbane City, encapsulate this style beautifully.

3. Cosmopolitan

Bold, dramatic, artistic, urban. The cosmopolitan indoor plant style is transient and inspired seasonally by the cities of the world: London, Milan, New York. The current collection features bold stripes with a variety of rich colours (not pictured). Depending on your interior space, it may just be what you need to complete your vision.

One client that has embraced this planter, is boutique childcare centre Eden Academy in a series of new builds.

4. Coastal

Beachy, relaxed, natural, neutral. The South East Queensland coastal indoor plant style emphasises lighter tones, stone, weatherboard and matte finishes. Servicing Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts; Advance Plants services a range of five-star beach resorts that embrace this plant design.

Mary Mae’s Bar and Kitchen, is another example of the kind of business embracing the relaxed coastal style. Situated within the Brisbane Powerhouse, it has “uninterrupted river views and sun drenched terraces”. The perfect candidate for a further in-land coastal plant vibe.

Selecting a style that reflects your brand doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, it’s the reason why our designers conduct site visits. But hopefully now you’re aware of some of the options, you have an idea of which indoor plant style speaks to your space.

Indoor plant hire and maintenance packages start from $25/week. Call or email our office to begin the conversation with one of our designers or browse our products page to view our core range.

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