Case study: GRT Lawyers office plant hire

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Are you curious about the process of office plant hire for your Brisbane business? Join us behind the scenes on the GRT Lawyer’s office plant refresh.  

The client: GRT Lawyers, Brisbane City

GRT Lawyers is a corporate advisory firm, located at the prestigious One One One Eagle Street office building in Brisbane’s central business district.

With over 18 employees, they have a standard office layout that includes a reception area, boardroom, kitchen, open plan working space, closed meeting rooms and exceptional city views.  

They are an ideal client for Advance Plants, whose Brisbane headquarters are less than 5km away in Albion. Advance Plants specialises in high-end office plant hire and maintenance contracts starting from $25 a week. Advance Plants clients like GRT Lawyers include Deloitte, Talbot Sayer and Morgan Stanley.  

The brief: Office plant hire refresh

When GRT approached Advance Plants in late September 2022, they were looking to freshen up their office plant design. Their former plantscape was dated, busy and lacked a cohesive design.  

Kelli Forward, our Brisbane interior plantscape designer, reviewed the site in person to understand how each species was coping in their current position.  

With her less is more approach, Kelli designed an office plant solution that seamlessly integrated into their GRT’s interior, enhancing the décor while letting each plant shine in their own space.  

The solution: Sleek, modern design

Kelli’s design solution centred on sleek, modern fiberglass planters married with dark, burgundy foliage. The scale of the pots were unusually generous to match the office’s bold architecture, high ceilings and large windows. While corresponding volcanic pebbles were selected to complete the high-end professional look.  

“We were amazed by the difference a few floor and desk planters made to the feel of our office. Kelli, Joe and the team at Advance made the process enjoyable and pain free, and we get compliments daily from staff and clients on our new plants. If your office needs a facelift, we’d highly recommend Advance Plants.”

– Ashley Hill, Director at GRT Lawyers

Today, a technician visits their office fortnightly to service their office plants. Servicing at Advance Plants is more than just watering. Our service agreement includes polishing foliage and containers, monitoring moisture levels, pruning, inspecting for signs of disease, fertilising and changing plants when they start to deteriorate.  

All up GRT Lawyer’s design included:  

  • Three tall matte black floor pots, featuring a ficus burgundy, monstera and bamboo palm; 
  • Two sets of three matte black ribbed pots, featuring a spathiphyllum sensation, ficus lyrata and golden heart; and 
  • A variety of matte white and black small shelf pots in trailing plants (such as pothos).  

The result is a sleek and modern office plant design that mirrors the professionalism GRT Lawyer’s offer their corporate clients.  

About Advance Plants  

Advance Plants is the largest, independently owned indoor plant hire company headquartered in South-East Queensland. We currently maintain in excess of 30,000 plants across over 250 locations in the region.  

Our business was established in 1982 and has been operating for over 40 years. We have offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and employ over 35 people in the region. 

Clients consistently choose us to work with us because:  

  • We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service that is competitively priced;  
  • We are headquartered locally, and 100% of our team live and work in South-East Queensland. This helps us be highly responsive to our clients’ needs; 
  • We have significant experience working for large corporate and government entities; and 
  • We have a deliberate strategy to be the best corporate citizen we can, including sourcing as much as we can from other local suppliers, supporting local charities, and employing a highly diverse workforce. 

Clients like GRT Lawyers typically find us in two ways: word-of-mouth and Google, before reaching out to us via phone or email.  

Explore our office plant hire packages for more information.  

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