Indoor Plant Hire
From $50 a Week

Bring your workspace to life!
Ongoing maintenance included.

Please note these prices are only applicable to long-term, corporate plant hire (minimum 12 months).
We do not currently offer short-term or residential hire.

An icon of a leaf with a water drop, representing our dried plant services.


✓ A bespoke design
✓ Minimum fortnightly maintenance
✓ Free plant replacements

✓ 5 large floor plants, 2 medium desk plants, 5 small desk plants or
✓ 35 small desk plants or
✓ 7 large floor plants

FLOWS8 studio
Icon of a long leaf, representing our green wall services.


✓ A bespoke design
✓ Minimum fortnightly maintenance
✓ Free plant replacements

✓ Custom floor, medium and small desk planters or
Indoor/rooftop garden or
✓ Trailing ceiling pothos

Corporate client plantscape Sunshine Coast
Icon of a triangle and round tree side by side, representing our tree maintenance services.


✓ A bespoke design
✓ Minimum fortnightly maintenance
✓ Free plant replacements

Multi-floor building biophilic plantscape
✓ Green wall
Indoor/rooftop gardens

Biophilic office Brisbane CBD


We do. We provide a comprehensive service that includes ongoing maintenance and plant replacements whenever they are required.

Our regular maintenance visits are scheduled for the time that suits you best. We are more than happy to provide after-hours or weekend maintenance if that is your preference.

No problem. It will be replaced by our team free of charge.

We’re Queensland’s leading interior plant hire company and landscapers and currently service clients from northern New South Wales up to the Sunshine Coast, and everywhere in between.

Having plants at work is extremely affordable. We base our pricing on the number, size and type of pots and plants you choose, but a simple plant and pot can cost as little as $3-$4 per week (including maintenance and plant replacements).

Most of our clients prefer to hire so they don’t have to worry about maintaining or replacing the plants. However, if you would prefer to buy the pots and plants, just let us know!

If you already have indoor plants – but are looking for better service or to add to what you have – then we’re only too happy to help.

We provide a 60-day guarantee with all of our installations: if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the plants we’ve installed, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Absolutely. It is a little known fact that indoor air pollution is almost always higher than outdoors, and there is a large body of academic research from all over the world the demonstrates that indoor plants remove toxins from the atmosphere. For more information, click here.

Yes. Multiple studies have shown that productivity increases and sick leave decreases when indoor plants are incorporated into office design. This reflects what’s known as ‘biophilia’ – or the human species’ innate attraction to nature that has been built up over millennia.

The best thing to do is to either make a booking to see one of our experts, or to give us a call.

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Please note: We do not offer short-term or residential services.