Best 15 desk plants (compact, easy to maintain)

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Looking for compact, low-light indoor plants to brighten up your desk at work? Look no further. The best desk plants are low-maintenance and sturdy. More specifically they are drought-resistant, low-light, and air-conditioning tolerant.

Beyond their ornamental purposes, indoor plants can purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, says NASA. As well as significantly improve your mood at work, activate creativity, and increase productivity.

But while everyone can appreciate the value of nature, not all of us have the skills to keep them alive! Even the ones labeled “unkillable”.

If you love any of the desk plants below, consider hiring them in our $25/week entry-level indoor plant hire and maintenance package, Sprout.

1. Sansevieria/Snake Plant

Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, the Sansevieria needs hardly any sunlight and water to flourish. Even on a sporadic schedule, it can survive in the darkest corners of your workplace.

A close up of a small potted Sansevieria in a rounded modern white planter, on a white pillar.

2. Zanzibar Gem/ZZ Plant

Glossy, green, and hard the ZZ plant is both decorative and tolerant to neglect. But while it can endure the environments with no natural light; it will thrive best in bright, indirect light.

A close up professional photo of a small Zanzibar Gem in a round, shiny grey planter on a white marble pillar.
Zanzibar Gem (short)

3. Aloe/Succulents

Succulents are popular for two reasons, they’re low-maintenance and adorable. Suitable for all light levels, water aloe deep but infrequently. Approximately every two weeks in summer and every four in winter.

A close up of two Aloe succulents in a white and grey planter, on a wooden stool.
Aloe Succulents

4. Dwarf Ficus Elastica

If your workplace doesn’t receive much light, the dwarf Ficus elastica is the best option for your desk. The leaves of this plant are leathery, oval-shaped, and large with interesting color patterns. It does well in low-light and darker spots and doesn’t ask for much attention. A small pot with well-drained soil, moderate temperature, watering when the top inch of its soil becomes dry, and lots of love is enough to keep this green baby healthy. However, it is important to keep your dwarf Ficus elastica away from locations where the air is dry like near an air or heat vent.

A close up of a potted Dwarf Ficus Elastica in a black planter, on white pebbles.
Dwarf Ficus Elastica

5. Monstera

The love of monstera for a warm and humid environment makes it ideal as a desk plant. The leaves of a young monstera are more like a heart. As it gets matured, it leaves become more fenestrated. Although Monstera loves being humid, it doesn’t like being overwatered. Watering once a week, ensuring excess water is drained through well-drained and peaty soil helps this plant thrive and live longer.

Monstera plant

5. Philodendron Birkin

With evergreen foliage, Philodendron Birkin has pretty leaves that survive throughout the year. The leaves are glossy dark green with variegation, and creamy-white pinstripes appear as the leaves mature. Birkins do well in the fluorescent office light and infrequent watering. For best results, however, water once a week; as soon as the soil starts appearing dry. To keep Birkins happy, keep them in a humid place or occasionally mist their leaves.

A sclose up of a potted Philodendron Birkin in a white planter, on a wooden pillar.
Philodendron Birkin

7. Peperomia

The beautiful leaves of Peperomia can be green, purple, or red with deep creases along their length. They are held by individual petioles that are usually red in color. Peperomia needs indirect bright light and well-drained soil to grow well. Watering them when the top layer of the soil becomes dry keeps them happy. You can grow them in small pots as well making them a good choice as a desk plant.

A close up of a small potted Peperomia in an acqua planter, on a white pillar.

8. Philodendron Congo

The philodendron family has many different types of plants within it – but they are all easy to take care of! They can survive through indirect sunlight and occasional watering too.

A close up of a potted Philodendron Congo in a white planter, on a white marble pillar.
Philodendron Congo

9. Happy Plant

Happy Plantaea Family is a small family of flowering plants with a huge variety of flowers. They can adapt to indoor environments easily and do not require much water or sunlight either.

A close up of a potted happy plant in a black planter, on a white pillar.
Happy Plant

10. Button Fern

There are different varieties of ferns that you can pick from. They do not need direct sunlight and require little watering as well. It is one of the best plants that grow well even in dark corners or under artificial lights.

A close up of a Button Fern in a white planter, being held by a lady with a white jumper.
Button Fern

11. Golden Pothos

This is also known as Devil’s Ivy, for its ability to climb up anything that comes in its way. You can keep this plant in your dark or low light area without worrying too much about the amount of sunlight available.

Golden Pothos plant
Golden Pothos

12. Philodendron Rojo Congo

The philodendron Rojo Congo is a plant with its leaves covered throughout in red hues. It requires little sunlight and infrequent watering as well, to keep it alive. When it starts drooping, you can put in a bit of fertilizer to help the plant regain its strength. Keep the soil moist at all times to keep this plant happy!

Blushing Philodendron plant
Philodendron Rojo Congo

13. Rhipsalis

This is a great option for your office desk since it requires very little light and infrequent watering. The best part about this plant is that you can hang it anywhere if you don’t have enough space on your desk.

A close up of a potted Rhipsalis, trailing off of a white marble pillar.

14. Dieffenbachia

There are so many Dieffenbachia varieties – some with a tinge of green here and there, others are almost completely white. This plant is extremely easy to take care of and does not require direct sunlight at all.

A close up of a potted Dieffenbachia in a white planter, on a white pillar.

15. Calathea Orbifolia

This is a low-maintenance plant that does not need direct sunlight to survive. It requires occasional watering and infrequent feeding as well.

A close up of a potted Calathea Orbifolia in a cream planter, on a wooden pillar.
Calathea Orbifolia

If you want to add desk plants to your office but are unsure about where you should start, contact our team to get an indoor plant hire package with maintenance included. Our packages start from as low as $25/week.

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