7 Unusual statement plants of 2022

Philodendron Martianum

Looking for statement plants to transform your workspace? From the wide, chunky Philodendron “Fat Boy” to the cylindrical, angular African Spear—statement plants needn’t hit you in the face as hard as a Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

Join us in exploring our top seven unusual statement plants of 2022.

But first, what is a statement plant?

Perhaps best associated with the terms “tall” and “large”, what exactly defines a statement plant is debatable. 

The adjective “statement” is defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as “noticeable” and “stylish”. While other words that have been commonly exchanged with statement include “bold”, “striking” and “eye-catching”. Therefore, the assumption that a “statement plant” need be tall or large is a crass simplification of what makes a plant noticeable.

That is not to say that a beautifully tall and wide Monstera is not a statement plant, but rather that statement plants cannot and should not be limited to length or size. Instead, categorisation may lie in their subjective impact on a room. A “wow” from the beholder. 

For as with style, certainly what one plant lover may consider eye-catching may not necessarily be so for another. 

With that in mind, our in-house horticulturists has compiled a list of the unusual statement plants making an impact on them in 2022. 

1. Platycerium Superbum (Staghorn Fern)

Origin: Lowland rainforests in Queensland and New South Wales
Aesthetic: Fronds resembling antlers
Subjective wow-factor: 10/10
Ideal temperature range: 26-32°C
Lighting needs: Bright, indirect light
Watering needs: Weekly in summer, fortnightly in winter

2. Euphorbia Eritrea (African Milk Tree)

Origin: South Africa
Aesthetic: Cactus-like candlestick
Subjective wow-factor: 9/10
Ideal temperature range: 15-24°C
Lighting needs: Bright light
Watering needs: Fortnightly in summer, monthly in winter

3. Philodendron Martianum (Fat Boy)

Philodendron martianum (fat boy) indoor plant

Photo: Advance Plants

South-eastern Brazil
Aesthetic: Fat, chunky stems with glossy green leaves
Subjective wow-factor: 10/10
Ideal temperature range: 20-22°C
Lighting needs: Filtered sunlight
Watering needs: Weekly

4. Ligularia Reniformis (Tractor Seat Plant)

Ligularia reniformis (tractor seat plant) indoor plant

Photo: Advance Plants

Origin: Japan
Aesthetic: Large round glossy leaves
Subjective wow-factor: 8/10
Ideal temperature range: 15-25°C
Lighting needs: Bright filtered light
Watering needs: 7-10 days

5. Monstera Adansonii (Mini Monstera)


Photo: Advance Plants

Origin: Central and South America, southern Mexico and the West Indies
Aesthetic: Climbing swiss-cheese
Subjective wow-factor:
Ideal temperature range: 18-27°C
Lighting needs: Bright, filtered light
Watering needs: Every 7-10 days

6. Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady Fern)

Cat Palm

Photo: Advance Plants

Origin: Pacific Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia 
Aesthetic: Arching, lush foliage
Subjective wow-factor:
Ideal temperature range: 4-30°C
Lighting needs: Bright light with partial shade
Watering needs: Once a week in winter, more frequently in summer

7. Dracaena Angolensis (African Spear)

African Spear

Photo: Advance Plants

Origin: Angola, Southern Africa
Aesthetic: Cylindrical, angular foliage
Subjective wow-factor: 10/10

Ideal temperature range: Not under 10°C
Lighting needs: Bright, indirect sunlight or full sun 
Watering needs: Approximately every 10 days

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