5 Striking Brisbane green walls

The green walls with white flowers, in the lobby of Emporium South Bank Brisbane. Maintained by Advance Plants

Considering a green wall for your Brisbane business? Living green walls, green facades, vertical gardens. Whatever you choose to call them, green walls are a striking and space-saving green addition to any space.

However; you may, or may not be aware of the challenges designers and installers face. 

How green walls work

From appropriate location, plumbing, irrigation, drainage and maintenance; vertical gardens are incredibly labour intensive and can take our team 3-5 full days to install depending on the complexity of requirements.

And yet, clients want them anyway as their myriad of benefits are both desirable and memorable. From improved air quality to noise reduction; to an awe-inspiring “moment” that encourages guests to take photos for social media.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next interior or exterior green “moment”, we’re compiled a list of our favourite Brisbane green walls.

*drum roll please*

1. Aveo, Newstead

Make your brand pop with a living green wall display. Retirement and aged care provider Aveo, saw the benefit of investing in their staff's well-being with an impactful branded green wall display.

2. Omnii, East Brisbane

Looks can be deceiving. There are over 290 plants in Omnii Brisbane's vertical office garden! The fire protection service has now relocated office and their green wall along with it.

3. Raw Energy, Brisbane City

On brand, health cafe Raw Energy Brisbane practices what it preaches by creating a healthy environment for their staff and customers.

4. Smoke Alarm Solutions, Brisbane

Break up your dull office interior with living, breathing foliage. This amazing install for Smoke Alarm Solutions features over 430 plants in a range of species from peace lilies to ferns.

5. Swyftx, Milton

Australia's most progressive cryptocurrency exchange, staff from the Swyftx's Milton office in Brisbane's west got a pleasant surprise late last year in their amazing new green wall.

"I smile every time I work past it." - Kat Krikorian, Swyftx Partnerships Manager

And there you have it! From small and mighty to brand centrepieces; living and artificial green walls can add health and aesthetic value to any business space. 

Learn more about how green walls work in our latest blog or talk to our team to get a personalised quote today.

How Advance Plants can help you with Green Walls:

From bespoke design, delivery, installation right through to maintenance; Advance Plants is your all-in-one interior and exterior green wall solution.

Request our Capability Statement or book a free 15-minute phone consultation with one designers to get started.

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