Top 5 benefits of living green walls

The striking lobby of Emporium South Bank Brisbane, featuring a living green wall behind reception. Maintained by Advance Plants

Dating back to ancient Babylonian times, living green walls have always been a surefire way to enhance any space. 

Today you can find them in corporate offices, cafes and hotels, public libraries and even airports.

But are they really worth all the fuss? It’s not as simple as just sticking a few plants to the wall and calling it a day. There’s a fair amount of planning that goes into installing a green wall. 

Appropriate location, plumbing, irrigation, drainage and maintenance are all apart of putting together your vertical plant wall. Is it really worth it?

The green walls and table set up at Emporium South Bank Brisbane's The Terrace rooftop restaurant and bar. Maintained by Advance Plants
Emporium South Bank green wall, maintained by Advance Plants. Photo: Advance Plants

We think, yes!

Living green walls make an absolutely breathtaking statement by creating an alluring and inviting environment. Plus, most of us are aware of the health benefits that plants bring us. 

So, if your space isn’t quite big enough for larger pot plants, why not stick them to the wall?

Imagine having a living plant wall in your very own office or workspace. Employees will be met with a green lush environment, while savouring the soothing effects of being around an abundance of foliage.

There may be a fair amount of effort that goes into installing a green wall. But with great effort, comes great reward and a green wall offers just that.

As well as the aesthetic benefits, living green walls offer businesses many more benefits including:

1. Improved air quality

Living green walls act as natural air-filters, creating a cleaner, more invigorating work environment that will lead to better overall employee health and production.

They absorb harmful toxins in the air while releasing oxygen into the workplace, much like indoor plants but on a much bigger scale.

2. Reduced energy costs

Green walls also function to cool the air in the stifling summer months, then, in the winter, they act to as insulation. 

Therefore, the need for excessive air-conditioning could be reduced significantly.

3. Noise level reduction

Having an interior green wall can also act to reduce the amount of noise circulating the office.

Vegetation is known to naturally block high frequency sounds while the supporting structure can help to diminish noise even further. 

Therefore, if your workplace is known to be a little on the noisy side, a living green wall could be just the thing to help quiet things down.

4. Health and wellbeing

Greenery provides uplifting and calming effects on people whilst having an impact on stress-related illnesses. 

Studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery increases workplace productivity.

5. Dust suppression

Large areas of greenery are also known to help suppress dust particles. This is super handy if your office is surrounded by construction sites, or is naturally a little dusty. 

It may also help you cut costs on your cleaner … that could be wishful thinking, though.

All in all, living green walls are extremely beneficial to your workplace in a myriad of ways. And there’s no need to stress about the installation because we’ll take care of it all for you

Living green walls really are a beautiful addition to your space which can just help to slow time down for a little while and help you relax. You don’t have to forget about nature while you work, rather be fully immersed in it.

Ask us today about your options for bringing the outside world in between your own 4 walls and enable your business, and your green wall, to thrive and flourish. 

A green wall in our outside pool area at the W Hotel, Brisbane. In front of the green wall is three closed blue umbrellas, pool seating, and a well-maintained blue pool. Featuring striking black and white striped pillars and a ceiling. Maintained by Advance Plants
W Brisbane hotel gren wall, maintained by Advance Plants. Photo: Advance Plants

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