22 lesser known low-light indoor plants

A close up of a potted Zanzibar Gem at Miss Moneypenny's restaurant on the Gold Coast.

If you are looking for the best low-light indoor plants that are equally unique, you’ve come to the right place.

While common low-light houseplants like Aloe Vera or the Chinese Money Plant are definitely on trend, what if you are after something uncommon or lesser known? Something that not everyone may recognise?

We asked our team of interior landscape designers to share their top lesser known indoor plants that thrive in low-light, and this is what they said!

 1. Janet Craig or “JC”

Beautiful vibrant greens and a great ability to survive even in the worst lighting conditions, or lack thereof. 

The Dracaena Janet Craig is not that popular, which makes it a great plant to have for your office.

And more than anything else, the vibrant greens leaves will breathe new life into your setup. 

2. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is renown for its ease of maintenance more than anything else. 

Known for bringing luck and greenery in your office setup, they do not require a lot of light or care—the bare minimum is more than enough.

3. Moss Terrarium

Moss for terrariums or Moss Terrarium makes for a beautiful combination. 

Moss Terrariums prefer more shade than light and they are always welcoming dampness. You can easily make your moss terrarium by combining the two and you will be good to go.

4. Indoor Cactus

While there are a lot of subspecies of the Cactaceae family, there are only a few cactuses that are suitable for indoors. They are less-known because people don’t generally view them as an indoor keeping plant. 

The good thing about the cactus is that it can survive in any sort of light and can go on days without water too. 

5. Ferns

Ferns are an evergreen option for whichever space you want to decorate. 

Interior designers and decorators are fans of the plant because these are low-light and low-maintenance plants that bring a lot of life to your atmosphere. 

There are a few particular ferns that are more suited to indoors than others; such as the Staghorn, Lemon Button and Kangaroo Paw Fern.

6. Bamboo

While originally Bamboo has more than a thousand plant species, there are a few smaller ones that are incredibly beneficial indoors. 

People don’t generally think of Bamboo as an indoor plant, so if you are reading this, better hurry and get this fantastic option for yourself!

7. English Ivy

Looking for perennials that are easy maintenance, low light suitable, and suitable for indoors? 

English Ivy might be the one for you. You can keep these plants indoors on your office desks as well as office corners.

8. Zanzibar Gem

While most of the plants that we have mentioned above are green, only a few can match the greens of the Zanzibar Gem. The name of the plant has ‘gem’ in it. What more could you want?

Coupled with shiny deep green leaves, the Zanzibar Gem is a great option for any office environment, even for places with low light environments.

9. Pothos

Pothos, or Golden Pothos, is one of the few plants that can grow long (up to three metres in length!) yet keep their elegance indoors.

They also are fans of the low light settings and have incredible tolerance for humidity.

10. Cast-Iron Plant

Dark green leaves coupled with easy maintenance equals the perfect indoor plant. 

Cast-iron Plants are known for their ability to grow in shade as well as going ignored.

11. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Mother-in-law’s tongue, or more popularly known as Snake Plant, is one of the lesser common houseplants that you should consider for your offices. If you want the lowest possible maintenance plant, this is it.

It doesn’t get any better than this as the Mother-in-Law’s tongue can go for a long time without any water.

12. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plants are gorgeous South American plants that will make for a stunning addition to your interior décor. With their flattering leaves, you could easily call them an exotic plant.

Quite a looker, and easy to maintain, Nerve Plants should be high on your list of plants to get.

13. Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a plant from the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. Yet it makes for a beautiful addition to your office or your house.

With beautiful pink flowers, you could add a lot of life to your room by getting this plant.

14. Variegated Monsteras

Monsteras are known for their green leaves, low care requirements, and ability to survive and thrive in shade. 

15. Monstera Thai Constellation

Another member of the Monstera family, the Thai Constellation shares the attributes such as green leaves, no toxicity, and a great ability to survive in low shade. They are also useful for tissue culture. 

16. Philodendron White Princess 

The White Princess produces beautiful white speckled leaves and grows well in big pots kept indoors.

They prefer moderate light but are completely okay with low light as well.

17. Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower is one of the strangest-looking plants that you will come across. It looks like a bat, which makes it rare and gorgeous.

18. Night Blooming Jasmine 

Night Blooming Jasmine is famous for its release of a strong and lovely fragrance that they emit at night when the tiny white flowers embrace themselves and open up.

19. Red Aglaonema

If you are tired of the vibrant greens, you will love the Red Aglaonema with its rare red leaves. With their ability to thrive in low light, Red Aglaonema is a personal favourite.

20. Rex Begonia

Similar to Red Aglaonema, Rex Begonia deviates from the usual greens and shifts it up a notch to dramatic purplish coloured leaves that have patterns of them.

It is a plant that loves humidity and moderate to low light.

21. Philodendron Gloriosum

A perfect plant for an office setting, the Philodendron Gloriosum is a stunning plant with massive leaves that will be perfect for decorating your interior.

Give them a nice big pot and care for them weekly.

22. Philodendron Pink Princess

We mentioned the White Princess above, now it is time for the Pink Princess.

The Philodendron Pink Princess is incredibly rare and real eye candy. It is sure to make anyone look twice at the stunning leaves.

That concludes our list of the top 22 less known low light indoor plants for office and home settings.

Choose your favourite and happy planting!

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