Case study: Teneriffe Dental indoor plant hire

Teneriffe Dental waiting room

Are you considering indoor plant hire for your Brisbane business? Join us behind the scenes of Teneriffe Dental’s award-winning (simple but effective) indoor plant design.

The brief: A warm and welcoming waiting room

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Teneriffe Dental, a client seeking to enhance their space with the inclusion of greenery. The project involved the installation of 9 plants, with the initial consultation taking place on November 1, 2022, and the installation completed on November 11, 2022. 

Quality was at the forefront when designing the greenery for Teneriffe Dental’s waiting room.

Teneriffe Dental waiting room

The result: A “botanical oasis”

Originally, we selected Spathiphyllum Sensations for their visual appeal, but the west-facing windows presented a challenge as they let in intense sunlight. In response, we replaced the Spathiphyllum Sensations with Green Philodendron, known for its resilience in direct sunlight. This adjustment not only preserved the aesthetic vision but also ensured the long-term health of the plants. 

Further, Ficus Lyrata was chosen both for their visual appeal and their ability to withstand the heat. Carefully selected matte white pots not only complemented Teneriffe Dental’s interior design but also created a clear partition between the surgery rooms and the waiting area, enhancing the professional atmosphere. The addition of elegant charcoal pebbles further elevated the overall look.

Maintenance is a cornerstone of our service. Plants were treated with white and eco oil prior to installation and despite watering limitations, we remain dedicated to providing the best fortnightly care for the plants. As a result, Teneriffe Dental often promotes their greenery online as part of their overall brand commitment to creating a “warm and welcoming environment” and a “positive and comfortable experience”. Our plants feature frequently in their social media and website imagery and, in their own words, “create a botanical oasis where you can experience serenity on your dental journey”.  

Our work with Teneriffe Dental showcases our adaptability, creativity, and commitment to excellence, even in small-scale projects. The successful integration of greenery into this dental practice not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a welcoming and calming environment for both patients and staff. Our innovative solutions and dedication to meticulous maintenance ensure that Teneriffe Dental’s interior plantscape will thrive and endure for years to come. 

About Advance Plants  

Advance Plants is the largest, independently owned indoor plant hire company headquartered in South East Queensland. We currently maintain in excess of 30,000 plants across over 250 locations in the region.  

Established in 1982, our business has been operating for over 40 years. We have offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and employ over 40 Queenslanders.

Clients consistently choose us to work with us because:  

  • We provide high-quality service at a competitive price;  
  • We are headquartered locally, and 100% of our team live and work in South-East Queensland. This helps us be highly responsive to our clients’ needs; 
  • We have significant experience working for large corporate and government entities; and 
  • We have a deliberate strategy to be the best corporate citizen we can, including sourcing as much as we can from other local suppliers, supporting local charities, and employing a highly diverse workforce. 

Clientsfind us in two ways: word-of-mouth and Google, before reaching out to us via phone or email.  

Explore our indoor plant hire service for more information.  

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