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Indoor horticulture is a rapidly growing industry, as more and more people are looking to bring plants into their homes and workplaces. With this increased demand comes a variety of roles and opportunities for those interested in working with indoor plants.

In this article, we will explore some of the different types of indoor horticulture roles, including the role of an indoor plant technician. 

Indoor plant technician 

An indoor plant technician is responsible for the care and maintenance of indoor plants in commercial and residential settings. This may include tasks such as watering, fertilising, pruning, and pest control.

It is a physically taxing, hands-on job that calls for a passion for plants and meticulousness. This role requires someone who can work hard and isn’t scared of getting dirty. At Advance Plants, we have a team of 15 indoor plant technicians based in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Indoor plant installer

An indoor plant installer plays a crucial role in the Indoor team of a horticulture company like Advance Plants. Their job involves logistics, heavy lifting, and getting their hands dirty. They handle the delivery, placement, and installation of plants, pots, and other related materials.

Despite the physical demands, the satisfaction of witnessing the transformation from bare space to a lush, vibrant environment is rewarding. The role offers diversity as installers work in various settings like offices, hotels, and homes, providing endless opportunities for creative plant arrangements. No one day is the same. Advance Plants has a dedicated team of two indoor plant installers. This team works closely with technicians and the two help one another out when extra hands are required.

Greenhouse manager 

A greenhouse manager is another type of indoor horticulture position. The growth and upkeep of plants in a glasshouse are under the control of greenhouse managers. This could entail duties like overseeing a group of employees, keeping an eye on and altering environmental factors. Ultimately, they are responsible for making sure the plants are healthy and happy. 

Greenhouse manager positions are available in both retail and wholesale settings, like at our partners Brookfield Gardens and Greenglades Nursery.

Interior landscape designer 

Those who are drawn to the creative side of indoor horticulture may find that an occupation as an interior landscape designer is a suitable fit. These professionals work with clients to create beautiful and functional indoor plant displays, taking into account factors such as lighting, space, and aesthetic preferences. 

Find out more about this role in our article What does an Interior Landscape Designer do?

Plant physiologist 

For those interested in the scientific aspect of indoor horticulture, a role as a plant physiologist or researcher may be a good fit. These experts research the anatomy, physiology, and methods for growing plants in controlled conditions. 

Sales and marketing 

In addition to these roles, there are also opportunities for sales and marketing positions within the indoor horticulture industry. Sales representatives may work with commercial clients to provide plants and related products. Often, as is at Advance Plants, this role is combined with the role of an interior landscape designer.  

Conversely, marketing professionals may create and implement marketing campaigns to promote indoor horticulture products and services. As they would in any other industry. However, specialist in-house knowledge is valuable for content creation. So, if you’re a green thumb already, you’ll be acres ahead.  

In summary, indoor horticulture is an exciting and dynamic industry with a wide range of roles and opportunities for those with a passion for plants. Whether you are interested in the hands-on care of plants, the design and creation of indoor plant displays, or the scientific study of plants, there is a role in indoor horticulture that can fit your interests and skills.

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