Hiring vs Owning Office Plants

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When it comes to houses, cars, boats and clothing the general census has always been that owning is better than hiring.

If you own something, you can do whatever you want with it; paint it, put holes in it or knock it down. These are all great advantages of owning but one disadvantage is the level of responsibility for all ongoing maintenance.

This is why when it comes to bringing plants into the office, hiring is best.
It is one thing to head out to your closest nursery and pick up some plants for the office; it is another thing to keep up with the maintenance the plants require to stay healthy.
Basically if you’re going to do something, do it right. Plant hire means you get the plants that you want, delivered to where you want them with round-the-clock maintenance. Before the plants eventually become old and unsightly, they will be replaced and you’ll never even have to leave your desk chair if you don’t want to!
Based on all the benefits of having horticulture in the office, plant hire allows you to fulfil your duty to employees and customers, add some greenery to your space, and not have to take any more time out of your busy day in order to do so.  
The hassle-free process of plant hire is a huge advantage and it is just one of many that will help make the workday a little less black and white.
Another advantage is that plant hire can be very flexible. If you ever decide to relocate the office or even just change its décor, the plants will be either moved to the location of the new office or replaced with new ones that better suit the changes made to the interior, or sometimes even both.
Something that will also smooth out the process of going green is the availability of horticultural knowledge you’ll have access to through our employees.

A plant hire company has a plethora of information on the most stylish plants at the time, as well as which ones are better suited for different office shapes, sizes, and colours, and also which ones grow best under artificial light. The company will also have access to many incredible plants you wouldn’t find on a shelf.
Hiring office plants is definitely the easiest way to get the best of the best without any added stress. So if your office is lacking a little colour and you’re lacking some time then let the magic of plant hire solve all your problems.

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