The benefits of hiring vs owning office plants

Professional photo of Deloitte Brisbane's staff kitchen, with trailing Pothos hanging from the kitchen table lighting fixture. Representing our indoor plant hire services.

When it comes to houses, cars and even office plants, there has always been a perception that owning is better than hiring.

If you own something outright, you can do whatever you want with it; and potentially save money in the long-term.

So sourcing your own office plants may seem like the more practical option. After all, how hard can it be?

To aid your research, we’ve highlighted the main reasons why you might choose to hire versus own your own office plants.

Price: Office plants are surprisingly expensive

A quick Google search shows indoor pots alone can cost anywhere from $80 to $5,000 each … and that’s without any actual plants.

Then, indoor and outdoor pots are not the same and some even require 4-5 men to move. 

So there are multiple factors to consider when purchasing a pot, beyond cost.

Plants themselves vary in quality too. Buying from Bunnings versus a reputable nursery will impact plant longevity.

In short, the up-fronts costs of owning your own pots and plants is not insignificant. So suddenly, the concept of office and indoor plant hire (charged at a weekly rate) becomes very appealing.

Maintenance: Don’t be a culprit of office plant murder

It is one thing to pick up some office plants from your local nursery; it is another thing to keep up them alive.

Office plant hire means you get the plants that you want, delivered where you want, with round-the-clock maintenance.

Then, before your plants even wilt or date, they will be replaced. And all this can happen without leaving your desk chair.

The hassle-free process of plant hire is a huge benefit. So you can have your greenery and enjoy it too!

Crest Advisors corporate office, Gold Coast. Photo: Advance Plants

Flexibility: Moving or renovating?

Office plant hire can also be very flexible. Perhaps you are relocating your office or even just changing its décor?

If so, plants can either be moved, replaced or sometimes both depending on your new requirements.

Expertise: We know plants

Plant hire companies have access to a plethora of information on industry trends. We know which pots and plants are better suited for different environments. As well as which ones grow best under artificial light.

We also have access to many incredible plants you wouldn’t find on a shelf.

Hiring office plants is definitely the easiest way to get the best without any added stress.

So if your office is lacking a little colour, and you’re lacking time: let the magic of office plant hire solve all your greenery problems.

Advance Plants services Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts in Queensland, Australia.

Own your own plants already? No stress, Advance Plants offers maintenance and bespoke landscaping solutions no matter your pots and plants.

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