Get Your Vertical Garden Now And Paint The Town Green

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Do you ever find yourself sitting in your office, in a restaurant, or checking into a resort and think “what a boring wall”? Well you’re definitely not the only one. The days of plain old painted walls are diminishing as bare walls become a valuable refuge for biodiversity with the installation of vertical gardens.  
A mosaic wall of plants will make a breathtaking statement and take your feature wall to the next level. With a diverse range of colours and textures available, edibles or ornamentals, your vertical garden can be made into an impacting abstract of living art that becomes a photographic feature for everyone’s social media site when they pass by.
Plants provide a calming, soothing environment which creates an alluring and inviting atmosphere and vertical gardens offer a spacing saving option that allows everyone the opportunity to bring some green into their lives.
There are a number of DIY options available however, for that perfect statement in your office, shopping centre, resort or home it is worth engaging a professional installer to create your timeless and sustainable show piece that will be forever admired.
As well as the aesthetic benefits, vertical gardens carry many more advantages. These include the reduction of urban heat and smog, cleaning the outside air of pollutants, reducing the carbon footprint of people, cleaning interior air space by removing volatile organic compounds and other harmful toxins, acting as a noise absorbing barrier, insulating and cooling building envelopes, increasing real estate value, increasing foot traffic in commercial spaces, reducing absenteeism in the workplace and boosting employee morale. Looking at the many benefits provided, a vertical garden is a fantastic investment for any business.
An evolving trend in green design, vertical walls draped in nature are springing to life across the world on a number of different buildings; the exterior of skyscrapers, inside hotel lobbies, office receptions, shopping centres and homes. Unlike other trends that come and go, vertical gardens offer a timeless investment that improves the health of your environment and those living or working in it. The best thing to do would be to say goodbye to that boring old paint job and hello to green aesthetic goodness.

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