Case study: Australian native office plant hire

Biophilic office Brisbane CBD

Are you considering an Australian native office plant design theme for your Brisbane business? Join us behind the scenes of a Brisbane city office’s award-winning indoor plantscape.

The client: Brisbane City office

The 2022 merger of two multi-million-dollar Australian businesses in Brisbane’s CBD required newly built offices that would reflect its amalgamation. The architect assigned to the project had a clear vision for their client’s interior plantscape design, inviting Australia’s top indoor plant hire companies to tender.

In June 2022, Advance Plants beat out all other proposals to win the tender for the five-year ongoing indoor plant hire contract. They were an ideal client for Advance Plants, whose Brisbane headquarters are less than 5km away and specialise in high-end office plant hire. Advance Plants clients like the this include Deloitte, Brisbane City Council and IAG Limited.

The brief: Australian native office plant design

The client’s brief detailed a vibrant, mixed plant look across all custom-made joinery in their space accommodating over 2,300 employees. Encompassing 14 floors and ultimately 2,700 plants, its hero floor featured a Yarning Circle dedicated to over 200 native plants. This gathering space aimed to boost office morale and staff well-being in the post-COVID-19 era. As well as foster communication and collaboration between the employees of the former two businesses.

The Yarning circle

The result: Lush indoor garden

Advance Plants’ design transformed an otherwise sterile fit-out into a serene oasis, bringing the essence of Queensland’s tropical and native plants indoors. The choice of plant varieties and their strategic placement fostered a calming and rejuvenating environment, promoting productivity, and creating sound and privacy barriers.

Plants were meticulously selected based on the client’s desire for a mixed look with an emphasis on large-leafed plants. We opted for five common indoor plants and two statement plants per floor, with variations between floors. This thoughtful selection provided diversity while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Within the Yarning Circle, we introduced native indoor plants like agathis robusta and experimented with several species over six months to adapt them to indoor conditions. This pioneering use of native plants showcases our commitment to innovative design principles. Our design was original, blending circadian lighting and natural materials to create a biophilic environment that sets a benchmark for interior plantscape design in Queensland.

Biophilic office Brisbane CBD

Key native plant species included dragon tails, epipremnum pinnatum, native violets, tree ferns, bird’s nest ferns, crocodile ferns, kentia palms, native ginger, silver ferns, elephant ear, and bangalow palms. The abundance of natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows and bright interior design obviated the need for additional lighting considerations.

A matte concrete finish was chosen to complement the natural, wooden interior accents. To enhance the display, pine bark mulch was chosen for the top dressing, providing a natural and lightweight look throughout the installation for ease of plant changeover.

Today, a technician visits their office weekly to service their plants. Servicing at Advance Plants is more than just watering. Our service agreement includes polishing foliage and containers, monitoring moisture levels, pruning, inspecting for signs of disease, fertilising and changing plants when they start to deteriorate.  

About Advance Plants  

Advance Plants is the largest, independently owned indoor plant hire company headquartered in South-East Queensland. We currently maintain in excess of 30,000 plants across over 250 locations in the region.  

Established in 1982, our business has been operating for over 40 years. We have offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and employ over 39 people in the region. 

Clients consistently choose us to work with us because:  

  • We provide high-quality service at a competitive price;  
  • We are headquartered locally, and 100% of our team live and work in South-East Queensland. This helps us be highly responsive to our clients’ needs; 
  • We have significant experience working for large corporate and government entities; and 
  • We have a deliberate strategy to be the best corporate citizen we can, including sourcing as much as we can from other local suppliers, supporting local charities, and employing a highly diverse workforce. 

Clients find us in two ways: word-of-mouth and Google, before reaching out to us via phone or email.  

Explore our indoor plant hire service for more information.  

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