4 Major pot design trends for 2024 

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As we step into 2024, the landscape of indoor and outdoor pot design trends continues to undergo dynamic transformations. Anticipate an array “dark academia aesthetics” shaping the scene this year, complemented by copper, brass and concrete materials.  

In a global industry worth AUD $1.5 billion, pot prices range from $80 to $5,000 depending on your requirements. This has heightened the allure of indoor pot and plant hire, especially among corporate clients aiming to infuse greenery into their environments. However, many clients are unaware that plant hire companies already include designer pots in its weekly service fee. Unfortunately, numerous individuals unknowingly acquire premium pots independently, unaware of the potential financial pitfalls. 

Crucial factors often overlooked by individuals include pot size, lip design, weight considerations, and drainage requirements. So what may have initially been a simple desire for some greenery in the office can quickly transform into a financial burden. 

Aside from the monetary aspects, the repercussions of an ill-suited pot design extend to the ambiance of your space. Then what are the pot design trends that are so 2023?

“Stark white and minimalism is out,” says Advance Plants indoor landscape designer, Kelli Forward. “And we’re seeing a lot more natural and bold pot designs coming in,” she adds. Natural materials like terracotta, ceramic, and wood remain in style. Meanwhile, designers are bringing new materials such as copper and brass to the forefront.

With Kelli’s help, we’ve updated our list of major planter pot design trends for 2024 to aid your interior planning. 

1. Copper and brass elegance 

Copper and brass are poised to take centre stage in pot design. Acting as sophisticated complements to materials like concrete, stone, and metal. The interplay of these metals brings a touch of luxury and warmth to both indoor and outdoor settings.  

This trend not only highlights the beauty of metallic accents but also seamlessly integrates with various design styles. This offers versatility to designers and enthusiasts alike. The incorporation of copper and brass into pot design signifies a departure from conventional choices. Adding a contemporary and opulent flair to plant containers. 

2. Cement and concrete resurgence

In a nod to nature-inspired design, cement and concrete materials continue to hold their sway over the pot design landscape. These materials, revered for their durability and timeless appeal, impart a rustic and earthy ambiance to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The resurgence of cement and concrete pots reflects a desire for authenticity and a connection to the natural world. This makes them ideal choices for those seeking a harmonious blend of modernity and organic elements in their surroundings. 

3. Industrial planter boxes with green accents

A unique trend emerging in 2024 is the rise of custom-made industrial planter boxes crafted from wood, often adorned with subtle green accents. This design trend effortlessly fuses elements of nature with an industrial aesthetic, creating a visually intriguing and harmonious juxtaposition.  

These planter boxes serve as a testament to the evolving preferences of individuals who appreciate the marriage of raw, industrial elements with the tranquility of greenery. The customised nature of these planter boxes allows for a personalised touch, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into diverse design schemes. 

4. Embracing dark academic aesthetic  

Taking inspiration from the captivating allure of “dark academia aesthetics,” pots in 2024 are set to complement textured, dark materials such as marble, denim, leather, taupe, and soapstone. Ranging from deep navy hues to golden browns and muddled greens, these pots exude boldness and eclecticism. 

Embracing a maximalist style, they create an ambiance of mystery and fantasy within interior spaces, fostering a cozy and intimate aesthetic. This trend signifies a departure from stark white minimalism. Ushering in a richer and more diverse palette that resonates with those seeking a nuanced and layered design approach. 

As the pot design landscape continues to evolve, these four trends stand out as defining elements of 2024. Offering a glimpse into the creative and diverse directions that designers and enthusiasts alike are taking to enhance the beauty of their indoor and outdoor spaces. 

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