Top 2 easy-case indoor plants to brighten up your space

The reception of Maxum Foods in Milton with a potted floor Happy plant and trailing pothos.

Greening an indoor space can be difficult when you don’t have a wide range of plant knowledge. So to help you get started, we’ve listed our top two easy-care indoor plants!

1. Low maintenance and on-trend: The Swiss Cheese Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa plant (also known as the Swiss Cheese plant) will make an impact indoors.

Known for its big, unique-shaped leaves and strong fruit aroma; it has thick slits and random holes that become more pronounced with age.

Native to the tropical forests of Southern Mexico, its gorgeous foliage makes it a striking addition to your home or office.

The Swiss Cheese Plant. Photo: Advance Plants

As this tropical plant can grow rather large, it may need some kind of indoor support to tie to. Such as a moss stick or stable structure.

It will scream for room on window sills or in tight places; so give it some space to grow to its full potential. With the proper care, the Monstera Deliciosa will flourish and add living luxury to your work place or home.

Easily cared for; all it needs is some gentle sunlight and some light watering until the soil is evenly damp. Keep its humidity levels high to average and give it a normal strength feeder once a month.

2. Happy to grow anywhere: The Happy Plant

Another plant that will fit your indoor space beautifully is the Happy Plant (or Dracaena Massangeana).

Happy to grow anywhere, it is a pleasure to care for, and its aesthetics will bring your joy.

The Happy Plant on site at Maxum Foods, Brisbane. Photo: Advance Plants

The Happy Plant grows up to three metres tall and displays deep green leaves, making it a perfect centrepiece plant for your indoor space.

Put it in a dark corner or a well-lit spot, give it a generous water once the soil has dried and it will very quickly start living up to its name.

Both of these plants are a fantastic way to fill your space with beautiful greenery. They will brighten up any home or office; adding colour, texture and warmth to any indoor space.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow time for giving these plants the proper care then our team at Advance Plants will happily take over the regular love and maintenance that they require.

But there’s no doubt that both the Swiss Cheese and Happy Plant, will leave you and your workplace just that little bit more, happy.

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