Indoor Plant Hire Services for the Brisbane Area

Green is in!


Please refer to our selection guide as an example of some of the many species we have available.


We offer an extensive range of decorative containers in a myriad of colour, shape and size options.

Indoor plants can make your workplace healthier, more relaxing and more beautiful. However, you may not have the time to pick them out, decide where to place them and take care of them. Or maybe you're just not sure how to.

That's where Advance Plant Services come in. As an indoor plant hire company located in Brisbane, we can help you choose, arrange and maintain indoor plants for your building.

Attractive Arrangements

Whether your work in a hotel or at a doctor's surgery, plants can make your customers or clients feel more relaxed and at ease. In fact, the right arrangement of plants can completely change the feel of a room.

As part of our services, we can design a layout plan for the plants you wish to have placed in your building. You can also choose from a variety of plant containers, making it easy for you to match your new plants with your building's pre-existing décor.

In addition, we can provide you with seasonal display changes for holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Mother's Day. Keep your décor beautiful and your building festive with plant hire from Advance Plant Services.

If you just need plants short-term for a special event, we can help with that as well. Our short-term hire is perfect for dinners, conferences and other functions.

Beneficial Beauty

While you may be well aware of the psychological and health benefits of plants, you may not have considered the others ways in which they can enhance the appeal of your building. Plants can hide problem spots, create a natural partition and obstruct noise. No matter your profession, plants can help your customers and employees have a better experience.

Consistent Care

Once your plants are in place, we can take care of them for you. We know what they need to thrive indoors, and we will set up a maintenance schedule with you to make sure that they get the attention they need when they need it.

To take advantage of our services, call 1800 63 67 63 or email us at

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