Spring time spruce up

As the Spring weather is warming up quite rapidly, you may be looking for some plants to match these beautiful days. Why not spruce up your space with warm colours to make your indoor environment as beautiful as the outside? No one enjoys being cooped up in an office all day so leave it to Advance Plant Services to make your office a little more appealing and natural. We have some seriously beautiful plants in our nurseries just waiting to brighten up your day.
One plant in particular becoming a real indoor trend is the Pothos. This plant is an attractive and easy way to add some green to your space. It is a long-growing, leafy vine that can reach to more than forty feet in tropical jungles. However, as your workspace is unlikely to be a tropical jungle, the Pothos confines itself to approximately six to ten feet within its container.
A huge benefit of the Pothos is that it is one of the best plants to flourish indoors and it will even help to purify the air. What better way to bring the outdoors into your four walls?

pothos.pngThe leaves of the Pothos are a beautiful heart shape with their colours        generally being green with splashes of white, yellow, and paler shades of green.  The plant does not tend to flower however the marble-like leaves will provide you with enough beauty to be completely satisfied with its aesthetics.
These plants are considered ‘easy care’ however you can leave it up to our plant experts to maintain these beauties so you can focus on your work day surrounded by awesome colours.

Another plant that is not so much a grower but definitely a shower, is the Aglaonema (also known as the Chinese Evergreen). This is a highly decorative  plant with several interesting varieties that can really add to your office décor.  

Aglaonemas are an extremely attractive, slow growing plant that make for excellent foliage. Their leaves are quite large and glossy and filled with colour – from green to silver, with some beautiful touches of red.

These plants absolutely love the indoors as they’re not inclined to grow under full sunlight so if your office is one with minimal windows and lack of natural light then the Aglaonemas will still continue to flourish into something really special. They can be quite easy to care for however the tone of variegation does determine how much light they will need. You will not need to worry about this however as our lovely staff at Advance Plant Services will take care of everything for you and they’ll even do it with a smile on their faces.Aglaonema-Silver-Bay-2008-in-Mod-Pot-Large-for-page1-(1).png

So there you go, these are just two more plants that will help to green up your indoor space with no sweat off your back. Spring is here and the growing is easy so get in touch with us and we’ll have your office looking fresh and green in no thyme at all. 

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