Let there be desk plants!

It’s no secret that as adults, we get thrown a lot of grey. So, why not take every opportunity to add some colour to your life?
Add different shades of green to your workspace and you’ll notice a shift in your mood almost instantly. Plants are known to carry a number of benefits for our mentality, mindfulness and overall daily productivity. Along with all of this, plants also provide a positive aesthetic to our environment. It’s hard to feel dull when you’re surrounded by brightness!
Instead of just sitting at your same dull cubicle with your same dull desk every day, put a couple of charming little desk plants around your workspace to brighten up your 9-5. Plants are known to increase productivity so if you are struggling to really knuckle down at work, this may be a great solution.
A couple of great desk plants that will liven up your workspace include:
These plants will do a great job of adding some gorgeous colours to your desk. Anthuriums are exotic and striking and they flourish beautifully indoors. The flowers are long lasting and it’s not unusual for an Anthurium to be in almost non-stop flower. Its flowers are bright and present a wax-like feel and aesthetic. The beautiful red and yellow of the flowers are complimented by the dark green leaves and together they provide you with a quality piece of decoration for your desk.
Although Anthuriums strive indoors, they still need good lighting in order to prosper. Direct sunlight will damage the plant so just make sure your office has enough natural or artificial light to help its growth. These plants are relatively easy to care for. They don’t like dryness at the roots, however, if this happens occasionally, it shouldn’t cause too much damage to the plant. For the best results, just try to keep the soil at least slightly moist at all times.
Zanzibar Gem
These gems are wonderful for indoor environments. The Zanzibar is a very hardy and attractive plant that will give your workspace a slightly exotic touch. This plant has been described as the ultimate indoor plant as it can tolerate a significant amount of neglect. When grown indoors, it is almost un-killable which is ideal for all those plant parents who aren’t actually very good parents.

The Zanzibar’s leaves are shiny and also have a wax-like appearance. This plant will add a beautiful dark green colour scheme to your desk with a touch of lighter greens throughout. If you match these colours with a beautiful and bright statement pot, your desk will be popping with positivity and excitement.
It’s best to keep the Zanzibar in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight. It only needs to be watered occasionally as you should allow the plant to completely dry out between drinks.

These are just 2 examples of desk planters that would brighten your space significantly. Advance Plant Services offers many more types of plants along with bright and exotic pots to match.
If you’re hopeless with maintenance and you believe you will be the one to kill an un-killable plant, don’t stress. Our awesome plant experts will deliver the desk plants to wherever you want them and they will also keep up with the watering and maintenance of them. You’ll have all the colours you want, without any of the extra work. Just give us a call and DESKribe what it is you’re looking for and we’ll have your workspace looking fun and fresh in no time!