​The growing popularity of community gardens

The concept of gardening has grown and modernised so much that it is now a common trend within the community. People are contributing to a group effort in growing food, fostering good health, and creating a beautiful urban environment. The trend is an amazing way to support learning and the cultivation of a vibrant community.
A community garden refers to dedicated public sites that are open for people to grow their own food. It gives members of the community the chance to educate themselves on the process of growing produce. 

DSC_0380.JPGIt is a common truth that growing your own vegetables is not easy. There’s a lot to know and there’s a lot that can go wrong especially when proper care is not taken. Community gardens allow for all of those would-be green thumbs to join forces and overcome their struggles together. They are a beautiful space for knowledge sharing and team work.
Whether you don’t have the garden space at home to grow your own or you just simply don’t have the knowledge or patience, then locate your closest community garden and get your hands dirty.
Another wonderful benefit of community gardens is that they open another pathway to making a contribution to those who are less fortunate. Why not match the joy of growing life with the joy of helping a community in need? There is no better way to put a smile on someone’s face then filling their plate with beautiful colours that are good enough to eat! A community garden is the perfect place for it.
Or if you’re like many city dwellers just going through the motions of the daily bump and grind then why not add a little colour to your life?  Take some time out of your busy week to grow something more than your resume. The sense of achievement alone will add a skip in your step as you walk into work.
There is also a large amount of support coming from community councils and garden networks that even allow for people to front their own community garden projects. These networks offer free guides to setting one up and the basic techniques required for its productivity.
These gardens also allow for community members to practice their communication skills in terms of working alongside others and resolving any sort of disagreement. And you never know, it could be a great place to meet, fall in love, and eventually plant some roots down, with a fellow green thumb.
Advance Plant Services is proud of their work with Hyperdome Shopping Centre in creating one well designed and successful community garden located in Loganholme. Housing many garden beds and all equipment necessary in growing food, the space is already flourishing and providing some locals with quality produce.

So whether or not you head on down to the Hyperdome or a community garden that’s more local to you, it is a great way to put your community membership to good use and create life within your town. If you even carrot all then put those hands to work and if you have any questions or concerns then lettuce know at Advance Plant Services and we’ll give you some encourage-mint.